Academia Research一次性发行96个期刊 好蛋疼的节奏

Academia Research是一个发行open access期刊出版商,但是这也掩盖不了其野鸡的本色,这不Academia Research一次性发行了96个期刊,真是蛋疼的节奏。

Academia Research一次性发行96个期刊 好蛋疼的节奏

Academia Research

在Academia Research的网站,其声称是一个多学科的open access期刊,其目的主要是为了推动研究,其期刊覆盖医学,生物,农学,物理,工程,艺术以及教育等学科。


不仅如此,这个蛋疼的Academia Research还没有投稿网址,只提供邮箱投稿

因此,Academia Research是一个不折不扣的野鸡出版商,其旗下的期刊也是野鸡期刊。

Academia Research期刊列表

同好们,睁大眼睛看了Academia Research的期刊列表,千万不要被这个野鸡出版商忽悠了。

  1. Advances in Accounting and Taxation
  2. Advances in African Studies and Development
  3. Advances in Agricultural Economics and Extension
  4. Advances in AIDS and HIV Research
  5. Advances in Bacteriology Research and Review
  6. Advances in Biodiversity and Conservation Research
  7. Advances in Bioinformatics and Sequence Analysis
  8. Advances in Biophysics and Structural Biology
  9. Advances in Biotechnology Research
  10. Advances in Brewing and Distilling
  11. Advances in Cancer and Experimental Oncology Research
  12. Advances in Cell and Animal Biology Research
  13. Advances in Cell Biology and Genetics Research
  14. Advances in Cereals and Oilseeds
  15. Advances in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
  16. Advances in Civil Engineering and Construction Technology
  17. Advances in Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology Research
  18. Advances in Clinical Medicine
  19. Advances in Clinical Pathology and Forensic Medicine
  20. Advances in Dentistry and Oral Hygiene Research
  21. Advances in Developmental Biology and Tissue Engineering
  22. Advances in Diabetes and Endocrinology Research
  23. Advances in Economics and International Finance
  24. Advances in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Research
  25. Advances in Engineering and Computer Innovations
  26. Advances in Engineering and Technology Research
  27. Advances in Entomology and Nematology
  28. Advances in Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology
  29. Advances in Epidemiology Research
  30. Advances in Evolutionary Biology Research
  31. Advances in Fine and Studio Art
  32. Advances in Fisheries and Aquaculture
  33. Advances in General and Molecular Virology
  34. Advances in Genetics and Molecular Biology Research
  35. Advances in Geography and Regional Planning
  36. Advances in Geology and Mining Research
  37. Advances in Horticulture and Forestry
  38. Advances in Hospitality Management and Tourism
  39. Advances in Infectious Diseases and Immunity Research
  40. Advances in Internet and Information Systems
  41. Advances in Languages and Culture
  42. Advances in Livestock Production
  43. Advances in Material Science and Engineering
  44. Advances in Mechanical Engineering Research
  45. Advances in Media and Communication Studies
  46. Advances in Medical Genetics and Genomics Research
  47. Advances in Medical Laboratory and Diagnosis Research
  48. Advances in Medicinal Plants Research
  49. Advances in Metabolomics and Systems Biology Research
  50. Advances in Microbiology and Antimicrobials
  51. Advances in Music and Dance
  52. Advances in Neuroscience and Behavioral Health Research
  53. Advances in Nursing and Midwifery Research
  54. Advances in Oceanography and Marine Science
  55. Advances in Parasitology and Vector Biology Research
  56. Advances in Petroleum and Gas Engineering
  57. Advances in Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy Research
  58. Advances in Philosophical Research and Reviews
  59. Advances in Physical Education and Sport Management
  60. Advances in Physiology and Pathophysiology
  61. Advances in Plant Breeding and Crop Science
  62. Advances in Plant Physiology and Science
  63. Advances in Political Science and International Relations
  64. Advances in Public Administration and Policy Research
  65. Advances in Soil Science and Environmental Management
  66. Advances in Stored Products and Postharvest Research
  67. Advances in Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences
  68. Advances in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health Research
  69. Advances in Yeast and Fungal Research
  70. African Advances in Agricultural Research
  71. African Advances in Biochemistry Research
  72. African Advances in Business Management
  73. African Advances in Ecology
  74. African Advances in Food Science
  75. African Advances in History and Culture
  76. African Advances in Marketing Management
  77. African Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science
  78. African Advances in Microbiology Research
  79. African Advances in Nutrition and Metabolism Research
  80. African Advances in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  81. African Advances in Pharmacy and Pharmacology Research
  82. African Advances in Physical Sciences
  83. African Advances in Pure and Applied Chemistry
  84. African Advances in Sociology and Anthropology
  85. Educational Research and Reports
  86. Environmental Sciences and Essays
  87. International Advances in Computer Engineering Research
  88. International Advances in Educational Administration and Policy Studies
  89. International Advances in English and Literature
  90. International Advances in Library and Information Science
  91. International Advances in Psychology and Counselling
  92. International Advances in Science and Technology Education Research
  93. International Advances in Vocational and Technical Education
  94. International Advances in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
  95. Public Health Research and Essays
  96. Scientific Research and Review


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